The Book

The Grateful Dead have had an impact on the entire world with their music and overall energy. Their live shows were like nothing else, and asking anyone about them will elicit a response with a specific memory of their songs or their messages. Whether the responder has a positive or negative memory associated, The Dead are there. This is more accurately true for older generations as the band has come to live on CDs, records, and music streaming services. Yet once someone becomes a deadhead, they can’t get enough.
I had never given The Grateful Dead a thought beyond admiring the multicolored images dancing in front of a rainbow when one crossed my path until Jill Laffin popped into my house in 2019, screaming about Jerry Garcia and her multicolored dream. She has always had an out-of-the-box way of approaching life, and I was extremely open to hearing about the dream, and while I only roughly understood it, I could feel the difference in her energy as she excitedly told me about her astral travels with Jerry.
After that I started seeing The Grateful Dead a whole lot more, subtly at first. I went to lunch with my friend and was discussing the event when a man walked by wearing their T-shirt. At that moment, I knew something extraordinary was going on. It wasn’t until I began helping Jill with this publication that Jerry really ramped it up.
I couldn’t get him out of my head, like he was excited to work with me. I have had visitations from spirits before but never one that had so many different mediums with his name on it. Every time I went out, I’d see some form of Jerry: a bumper sticker, a T-shirt, a song playing in a store. He filled up my life for the past couple of weeks much as he filled up Jill’s head with his words.
Reading the poems in this book, I felt him more than ever. His voice radiated through my head as if he spoke into a microphone connected to my thoughts. These poems represent the combination of Jill and Jerry’s poetic voices brought into the light of day to uplift humanity when it needs it most.
 – Emma Griffin Light Holder, Intuitive, Astral Guide