“I’ve never dived into the poetry world but was given this book as a gift. I rate it 5 stars! I challenge you to escape this crazy world and find new perspectives and insights from each poem. I love how Jill tells the story of how all these poems came together in just one year! And for anyone who knows Jill, you can hear her voice in every page!”
Jaime Vallee, Old Orchard Beach, Maine.


“Jill Laffin presented, Healing Your Ha with the Medicine Geometry, at the American Society of Dowser’s Metaphysical Expo in 2019. Her session was the highlight of the convention. Jill combined her Huna knowledge with a sacred geometry artwork by Samwise Clark, to creat a new innovative healing modality.”
Shiela Williams and Suzanne Schwartz, 2019 ASD Convention Cochairs.


“This book found me shortly after suffering two, profound losses in my life. It was of great solace being surrounded by it’s love and light during times when I felt that I couldn’t find it within myself. I resonated deeply with the poems and remembered what it was like to have loved (and still love) those I lost. When I feel like love is lost, I read my favorite poems from the book and remember that “it’s a bad day, not a bad life” as my Papa would have said. I am so grateful to have After the Jerry Dream in my treasured collection of books!”
Darian Kopka,  Annecy, France


“Jill’s poems conjure up delightful images of Greatful Dead experiences and shows, and also the magical luster and beauty of the Hawaiian Islands. Spiritual in nature, the poems evoke an array of emotions and ponderings…making a connection with any type of reader.”
Melanie C. Wilkinson, Barrington, NH.


“Imagine finding an old leather trunk in an attic filled with lyrics from songs never written, from a time that has passed and yet is still to come. Imagine sitting back among the cobwebs and losing yourself for hours as the word paintings and songs fill your head, taking you on a journey. You wake not knowing how long you have been gone, or if the moment was even real or just a dream. Jill Laffin’s book will take you on such a journey. So be prepared to lose yourself, and find yourself at the same time. Highly recommended!”
Steve Labrecque, Woodstock, NH.