After the Jerry Dream: A Year of Poems

Introducing the Medicine Geometry, Foreword by Emma Griffin

Jill Laffin was chosen to be a speaker at the American Society of Dowsers Metaphysical Expo at Plymouth State University, New Hampshire in June 2019. When she learned the presentation was to be 75 minutes and recorded, she was overwhelmed! Yikes!! Seventy-five minutes about a subject, she had “made up” using a geometric artwork by Samwise Clark…
On March 9, 2019, she asked the universe for help! Jerry Garcia appeared, in a lucid dream. He said, “Hey Jill, I heard you need some help, come with me!” He motioned her to follow him onto a dark, empty stage. Jerry proceeded to coach her on how to present “Healing your Ha with the Medicine Geometry.” Through his eyes, he showed her memories from Grateful Dead shows that had inspired her life, almost 40 years before.
The following morning, poems started flowing from her hand! “Signs” of Jerry and unexplainable coincidences have been nonstop. Humbly and gratefully, she shares the hundreds of poems created “After the Jerry Dream. ”Volume One: 108 poems from the first weeks after the dream and those of light, love and inspiration. Volume Two: 108 poems from the Shadow Side of grief, confusion and lost love.


Color-Coded Entrance

Like an old friend
on the same page
I followed you
onto a deserted stage
to an entrance in the dark
a color-coded spark
where people feel love
grab the moment
soar above
like an eagle
in your mind,
trying to find
the missing watch
to tell the time
of all that’s lost
while we gain
love delivered
to ease the pain
a color-coded entrance
in the dark
let love bring
an internal spark
the color-coded entrance
opens with a spin
reach inside
let love begin

The Medicine Geometry is a Sacred Geomerty Artwork created by Samwise Clark. A Healing frequency, has been measured emitting from the image…..up to eight feet away.